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ENIGMA is a portable tester that can be used for mileage correction, diagnosis and repair of electronic systems in automobiles.

 Kess V2 Tuning Tool

ReMap most cars by OBD for extra performance and economy. Now with DPF removal also.

Ultimate ProKey

One key fits all - Autobud rate - Full compatibility with high/low speed can

  • EnigmaTool
  • Kess V2
  • Ultimate ProKey

Eeprom Pin Check

Apart from the main features , it has a built in eeprom check facility and tells you which pin is not connected , which basically means that you can never corrrupt any eeprom whilst reading/writing.

Microprocessor Check

Our machine has the ability to check the connections to the MCU. This is the safest method as it does not keep trying to read the MCU if it reports an error.

Read Data Files Via OBD

On some cars you can read the instrument cluster eeprom without removing it, this is useful if you need to work out the LOGIN PIN code for the car.


Unrestricted Eeprom/MCU Read,Write and Copy

With the Enigma, we have supplied a fully comprehensive Eeprom and Microprocessor reader,writer, copier and editor.
You can easily save filename and store them in the internal memory.
We do not encrypt the filenames.




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Welcome to EnigmaTool

EnigmaTool Digital Mileage Correction  Authorised Dealer for UK,Scotland,Ireland and Wales
We can supply anywhere in the world ! Fast Delivery
Enigma Mileage Correction


ENIGMA is a portable tester that can be used for mileage correction, diagnosis and repair of electronic systems in automobiles.

A durable, compact construction was designed using the very latest technologies. All components used are of military grade and are EU approved. The product is professional, simple to use and of high functionality.
It has a full colour touchscreen and has all the protocols built in, there absolute no need for external adpator boards.

We do all our own research and work, having the best lab technicians. The operation of our device completely avoids so called "scanning", making it free of the commonly repeated errors that are present in other products of this type.

ENIGMA differs from other products in its high quality software and reliability. It can also be updated from the Internet.
We have always been the first. Just take a look,  you will be surprised !

We strongly suggest that you compare our tool with any other tool on the market, see for yourself.
Before buying any machine be sure to check our Questions and FAQ pages.
If you already have an Enigma then maybe we can help you with updates and technical support. Please ask.
More and more are now choosing Enigma, the worlds most fastest growing !

Our Company

EnigmaTool UK have been leading in the car electronics industry for more than 18 years. Through research and development we have solutions to some of the hardest tasks in modern day diagnostics and electronics.  Using our expertise and experience we can help you take your business to the next level.

We are committed to providing our customers with the best products on the market, as well as excellent technical support.

Our primary goals are outlined below:-

  • To produce high quality goods that are useful, powerful and advanced.
  • To provide a professional, excellent and rapid service for all of our customers.
  • To drive the industry and market forward with competitive pricing, top services and innovation.
Striving to stay ahead and in touch with the ever so changing demands in technology.

So why choose the Enigma Tool ?

With so many choices available on the market the Enigma Tool stands out to be possibly the very best available !

  • Very easy to use and understand.
  • Completely safe , with built in eeprom pin checking and mcu wiring connections.
  • Very fast start up , less than 5 seconds.
  • Use just one cable to read all types of eeproms , the Enigma Tool has advanced electronics to chnage internally.
  • You can store files and enter actual file names using the internal memory. No restrictions .
  • PC Link software will allow you to backup or restore eeprom/mcu files easily.
  • You are not obliged to buy update packages , pick and choose what you like.
  • Even if you dont buy any updates , you are still eligible for some free updates , see news page.
  • Updates are affordable and prices realistically.
  • No need to "update handheld" , this can be a real problem , you can update when it suits you ! No internet connection needed.
  • EnigmaTool UK work on actual jobs and have fully trained experienced staff who can give you top class support.
  • We run an actual business so you will always have somebody to speak to if you have a problem.
  • Support by Phone , Mobile, Email, Skype, Messenger , Text , Forum.
  • If you compare our supported car list , you will see that its very advanced compared to other similar tools.

Enigma Tool new updates :

Enigma Mileage Correction





We have an excellent research and development team working hard to bring you the latest updates ! 


Our Partners

EnigmaTool UK are proud to be main dealers for :

EnigmaTool, AlienTech KessV2, SMOK, SuperProg, Smelecom and Vag Can Pro :

By dealing directly we cut out the middle man to offer you the best possible price, professional support and superb product knowledge.
We can offer you exclusive deals not available anywhere else !

Latest News


*Range Rover Sport 2013-:
-93c76 OBD2 

Seat Ibiza 2014- OBD2

VW Golf/Tiguan/Touran 24C64 New Versions

New Scirocco OBD

- C3 BSI 24C128 New SW
- Sandero 95160 V2
- Mohave 93C66 2013 
- MKT 93C86
- Vellfire 93C66
- X-City 950


We can help you get updates for your Enigma and also access our technical support forum.
Contact us with your box number.

Latest Can Filter - Buy NOW !

Can Filter V3
Discounts for Quantity

Kess V2

The Alientech Kess v2 is the latest and most advanced tuning / remapping system to hit the market with many features.



Ultimate Pro Key

Mercedes Havanna EZS and Renault CAN Solution
The only true Pro-Key that works with all models, One key fits all.


USB 35080 Eraser

35080 Eraser will erase 35080, 35080 6, 35080 VP, 35080 V6 , 0D080q and 0D160Q.

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Why choose Enigma?

Before buying any other tool, be sure
to see our questions page. This will
help you with some basic questions
you need to consider when
considering a mileage correction tool.

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Professional Technical Support
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Tools supplied are for professional legitimate use.
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