Kess V2 Car List

KESSv2 - Master & Slave OBD Tuning Kit - Supported Car List

Kessv2 OBD Tuning Kit
The KESSv2 is normally supplied with FULL CAR SUPPORT, the BIKE option is given FREE.
Truck support is a payable optional extra.
Vehicles supported through OBD - Serial programming ECUssupported through Boot-Loader mode - Direct connection
Kessv2 OBD Tuning Kit Kessv2 OBD Tuning Kit

Click here to display a complete and up-to-date list of all the vehicles supported by KESSv2, sorted by Brand, Model, Engine, HP and ECU Version


Click here to display a complet and up-to-date list of all the ECU supported through Boot-Loader mode by KESSv2, sorted by Brand and Model


This list is being updated regularly.

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