BMW FXX Stop Speed Freezer

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Stop Speed Freezer for all BMW F Chassis cars.

Works with all F Chassis cars fitted with CAS/BDC/FEM .

This will work when the car has been updated at the dealer. New coding and firmware updated.
(The old stop km freezer will not work or start counting when driving after car has been updated at the dealers.)

Fits : F10,F06,F30 etc

Installation is really simple , simply remove the cluster , remove dash plug , insert into the Stop filter , That’s it.

Plug and play , no cutting of any wires.

Activation is done by pressing MODE and BC on the steering wheel.


This is probably the best available on the market .

Very high quality wiring and automotive grade pcb and electronics.
The board has been tested rigorously and has surpassed all tests.

Some of the features are :

  • Superb standby current , not interrupting anything in the car
  • Intelligent can bus wake up , wakes up when the car starts working
  • High speed can transceivers , work in harmony with the vehicle.
  • Programmed to exact specification of the car so there are no spurious data packets.

(Intended for off road , dyno testing and research purposes.)
(Cruise control NOT required)


Activation procedure :