Autohex Full kitAutohex for BMW Coding and Programming We are proud to introduce AutoHex II as the most powerful BMW diagnostic scan tool. AutoHex II was designed to fully meet your technical needs on a wide range of BMW models. Nowadays, with the rapid growing of automotive technology, you definitely will need a reliable, powerful scan tool which can simply perform all programming and special functions such as; ECU replacement/update, coding, adaptations, key programming and more. AutoHex II provides you many crucial services such as the pin code and the online technical support, where both are available in our database library, our directory of most car failure solutions can save you hours of head scratching if you’re struggling to diagnose or correct a problem. In a nutshell the Autohex II will do almost everything your normal diagnostic cannot do !

Some examples are :

  • Individual ecu coding
  • Individual ecu programming
  • Full car coding
  • Vehicle order entry
  • CAS-DME sync
  • VO copy from CAS to FRM (Or vice versa)
  • Key programming , even for lost keys (E Chasis)
  • Live data
  • Fault code reading
  • Quick fault code erase
  • ISN extrtaction (match used ECU to vehicle)
  • Individual coding and programming for E and F series is allowed even if the vehicle missing some ECUs (or ECUs have different VIN), with ability to automatically matching the VIN.
  • When an unmatched second hand ECU is used as replacement (example: DME for 2400 CC in a vehicle has an engine 3000 CC, or Kombi from F02 to F01), Autohex II can modify the flash software in that ECU to be matched with vehicle specifications.
  • Retrieving ISN and SK from most Engines in E and F series, and retrieving ISN and SK (read and write) from all version of CAS 1, 2, 3 and 3+.
  • Writing ISN into DME in F series (Change ISN for DME) by OBD II only.
  • Matching a second hand EGS with the CAS (EGS ISN matching) in one integrated function.
  • A unique function to replaces a CAS, it takes only 2 minutes time to replace a defected CAS with another used one.
  • Backup, restore and manipulating functions for FA (Vehicle order) in different ECUs
  • key Learning in BMW for all visions of CAS 1, 2, 3, and 3+ via vehicle OBDII plug (no dump is needed), Full support the case when all keys lost.


All this can be achieved with the Autohex for BMW





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