Individual BMW ECU Programming You do not need to program the whole car as you can select the ecu’s individually , saving alot of time. Each individual ecu can be selected , the old software version will be displayed and the programming possibility will be available. It will also calculate an approx time so you will know how long it will take.

Autohex BMW Diagnostic Tool supports Programming any Ecu individually (DME, DDE, DSC, CAS, FEM, Airbag, KOMBI, Radio,..etc), no matter if you brought the Ecu from a junk yard or a brand new!

Furthermore, this diagnostic tool matches the VIN with the vehicle as well as the Ecu Flash to a proper flash to make it compatible with the vehicle (Swapping Ecu)

  • You will get some details about the ECU being flashing, with the following important instructions:
  • – Battery voltage must remain higher than 13.0V during programming session.
  • – Ecu(s) marked with (MOST adapter required) must be programmed by AutoHex MOST adapter.
  • – Turn All car equipments (AC, lights, Radio, Bluetooth…) OFF before your start programming.
  • – Don’t start engine and don’t turn ignition OFF while programming.
  • – Don’t disturb the connection between AutoHex II and the car while programming.
  • – Don’t disturb the car while programming.