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Needed Software
Adobe Acrobat Reader link
Winrar link

EnigmaTool software download


List Of Supported Cars link
Latest Software Update padlock1 link
Latest Enigma Utility padlock1 link
Cable Desription padlock1 link

Enigmatool 35080 vp , v6, 0D80Q , D160Q USB Eraser


Instructions link
Calculator and Eraser link
Advanced Utility link
USB Driver link

Rosfar R260s USB Red Box Version


Software link
USB Drivers link
Connection Diagrams link



PSA – Peugeot BSI by OBD link
Ford by OBD link
Volvo by OBD link
Magic Dash Can link
Fiat by OBD link
USB driver – Universal for all link


Red Board New Version


 red can filter_s
Connection Layout Diagram – New BLUE/Red BOARD
BMW Updated to 2019  BMW PDF Download
Mercedes Updated to 2019  Mercedes PDF Download

STOP Speed Filter

Download Stop Speed Filter PDF link

BMW CAS4 5M48H,1N35h Unlocker


Download BMW CAS4 5M48H,1N35h Unlocker PDF link