ENIGMA is a portable tester that can be used for mileage correction, diagnosis and repair of electronic systems in auto-mobiles. A durable, compact construction was designed using the very latest technologies.

All components used are of military grade and are EU approved. The product is professional, simple to use and of high functionality. It has a full colour touch-screen and has all the protocols built in, there absolute no need for external adaptor boards.

We do all our own research and work, having the best lab technicians. The operation of our device completely avoids so called “scanning”, making it free of the commonly repeated errors that are present in other products of this type.

ENIGMA differs from other products in its high quality software and reliability. It can also be updated from the Internet. We have always been the first. Just take a look,  you will be surprised!

We strongly suggest that you compare our tool with any other tool on the market, see for yourself. If you are already in the business, then you will appreciate the power and simplicity.