Can you do VW Touareg 2010+ by OBD ?

The Enigma can. Q: Can you erase all 35080 including 35080 V6, 35080 VP , 0D080Q and D160Q in circuit , without removing or replacing the chip ? A: Of course , using the Super Eraser. Q: If my machine fails , do you have to send the machine abroad for weeks ? A: No, Revtronic are fully trained to carry out component level repairs on the Enigma Tool, on rare ocassions it may need sending , which normally takes a few days.

Can you do Bentley GT via OBD diagnostic upto 2010 ?

The Enigma can.

Can you do Porsche CARTRONIC ECM actual working engine hours aswell as stored KM?

Our machine will work out exact hours and km.

Can you do BMW CAS units CAS1/CAS2/CAS3/CAS3+ via dashplug or OBD ? (Do you have to remove fuses etc which can store error codes?)

We can do these by OBD or by the dashplug.

Can you do secured 9S12 Mercedes key modules and BMW CAS4 directly with 4 wires? (Without removing the micropriocessor off the board.)

With our machine you can.

Do you have to pay for a file if the system does not support it ? (Some companies charge at least £80.00 for a simple file.)

No, at EnigmaTool UK we will try our best to calculate the file. Even if we did charge it would not be £80.00

Can you read/save/copy/write virtually any eeprom, microprocessor even through obd without connecting to a server? (Where the server may not available all the time.)

With the Enigma, you are not restricted upon what you copy,save,edit,read or write.

When you read an eeprom/microprocessor, when saved is the data crypted? (Some companies encrypt the data so that you cannot edit or save the file.)

The format is a simple to read and edit , un-encrypted format commonly loaded in hex editors.

Will you get free updates for certain cars? (Most companies charge even for basic eeprom cars.)

Though we cannot work for free, as we have research and development costs, we do however be fair to our clients and give some free updates. Most companies do not give anything big or small for free.

Will you be informed if you are doing a car not on the machines, but the data is the same as another car? (Normally some companies as you to send the file in and charge you, though it is the same as a car on your machine.)

We will inform you if there is a similar program on the Enigma.

Does Vauxhall/Opel, VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda, Fiat and others car have km or miles stored in engine computer?

YES, of course new cars have the km/miles in the engine computer. It is stored in the eeprom memory. However, it can be dangerous to open ecu because it has BGA static sensitive processors. Enigma can do it DIAGNOSTICLY and safely.

Can you repair error 999999KM , caused by other 3rd party software? (Or do you have to send it in and get charged again.)

The Enigma will repair this.

Can you do the Audi A4 year 2001-2007 via OBD to the exact value? (Not just RB4 but also RB8.)

The Enigma can.

Do you have to keep updating the machine regularly? (This can be a problem if you are out on the field and the machine locks up.)

Use the Enigma as much and for however long you like, you will never be asked to update. Though it is good to keep upto date.

Does it have an eeprom pin check ? (For safely reading eeproms, and not just corrupting the eeprom)

Enigma has an eeprom pin check, which is very safe and will only read once you have a good connection. Therefore never corrupting the data.

Can you buy individual updates ? (Rather than buying a whole update full of cars you will never see?)

With the Enigma you can buy what you like.

Will you have to use different eeprom programming boards to read eeproms ? Or do you use just one port for all eeproms 24xx,25xx,95xx,35080 etc (E.g 24xx board for 24C eeproms, then 93XX board for 93C chips.)

The Enigma has an intelligent I/O board, allowing all eeproms to be connected without the need for cumbersome external adaptor boards.

Does the machine have built in safety checks to protect data from eeproms and microprocessors from getting corrupt? (Rather than saying working all the time.)

Yes , the Enigma has.

When saving files , can you enter the filename as whatever you like? (Or will it save the file name as a defaut name.)

You can save the filename to whatever name you like with the virtual keyboard.