EnigmaTool Mileage Correction


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Please also see the news page, as some new cars may not be on the list. Some interesting features:
  • Can erase ST35080 within 5 seconds using the Super Eraser.
  • Do all EZS key modules with secured Motorola 912 processor by using 4 wires , no need to remove the micro!
  • Tells you when you are not connected to pins of an eeprom properly, prevents accidental erasure of data.
  • Has intergrated protocols, so you do not need to add external adaptors. Built in CAN BUS, K-LINE, no multiplexer or dongles needed.
  • Can be used as a comprehensive eeprom and microprocessor reader/writer/copier.
  • Absolutely no need to keep updating box, no counters, it does not nag you to update your machine.
  • Can do all Audi A4 2001-2007 via diagnostic (RB4 and RB8) to the exact value.
  • Can do all VAG EDC15/16 ecu second memory via diagnostic.
  • Do Mercedes S Class W220 and C Class key modules without licking your finger.
  • BMW hidden memory in gearbox and stored memories in dashboard.
  • Do all BMW CAS1,CAS2,CAS3 and CAS3+ via can diagnotic, no need to remove any fuse. Does cause errors in the car.
  • Supports Porsche via diagnostic.
  • Flash Mercedes E class and C Class via diagnostic. Normally no need to remove the dash.
  • Golf mk6 upto 2011 via OBD.
  • A3 upto 2011 via OBD.
  • VW Passat upto 2011 via OBD.
  • Supports Lexus RA57 chip and more.
  • Renault Laguna – All versions by dashplug. No need to open.
  • Most NEC without lifting pins, by dashplug.
  • Mercedes Dash flashing via OBD.

The list is endless, you really need to see this machine in action. Please check our questions page before buying any machine.