Eeprom Pin Check

Eeprom pin check

Apart from the main features , it has a built in eeprom check facility , which basically means that you cannot corrrupt any eeprom whilst reading/writing. It also switches the voltage to the chip only when needed , meaning that the power is not always connected.

Microprocessor Check

Our machine has the ability to check the connections to the MCU. This is the safest method as it does not keep trying to read the MCU if it reports an error.

Read Data Files Via OBD

On some cars you can read the instrument cluster eeprom without removing it, this is useful if you need to work out the LOGIN PIN code for the car.

Unrestricted Eeprom/MCU Read,Write and Copy

With the Enigma, we have supplied a fully comprehnsive Eeprom and Microprocessor reader,writer, copier and editor. You can easily save filename and store them in the internal memory. We do not encrypt the filenames. You can read/write/copy/save/edit: Eeproms

  • 9306, 93c07, 93c07, 93c56, 93c56, 93c66, 93c76, 93c86
  • 93c06 8 bit, 93c46 8 bit, 93c56 8 bit, 93c66 8 bit, 93c76 8 bit, 93c86 8 bit
  • 93s06, 93s46, 93s56, 93s66,
  • 93c46 rotated , (no need to change any connections)
  • 95010, 95020, 95040, 95080, 95160, 95320, 95640, 95128
  • SP08, 95p08
  • 24c01, 24c02, 24c04, 24c08, 24c16, 24c32, 24c64, 24c128,
  • PCF 8582
  • M35080 (inc V6,VP and 080D)
  • X24C44
  • SH24s45
  • 59c11, 59c11 8 bit
  • YAZAKI AB 53817
  • 68hc05 family
  • 68hc11 family
  • 68hc908 family
  • 68hc912 family (inc 9s12)
  • 68hc9s12 secured


  • UPD78 Family