Instalation / Activation


Operating System: MS Windows Vista, MS Windows 7

*Run system in administrator mode, turn-off UAC – User Account Control

*Do NOT install software in Program Files. (Create your separate folder e.g. C:\VCP)


1. Do NOT connect the USB Key or Interface into the USB Socket.
2. Make sure that you have an active internet connection.
3. Insert the CD with the software into CD-ROM drive.
4. Installation will begin automatically.
5. If you have an active firewall, allow access of setup.exe file.
6. The installation program will connect itself with the internet and download the Activation Software – Aktywator.exe as well as USB interface drivers.
7. Restart your computer after the installation has completed.
8. Plug your USB Key into your PC (in MS Windows Vista, MS Windows 7 a driver is installed automatically, in Windows XP you will have to use drivers from the CD or run the Windows Update function).
9. Run Aktywator.exe after the installation has completed.
10. Click CONNECT – the program will establish an encrypted connection with our server.
11. Click ACTIVATE – the program will activate the system.
12. Click DWNLD I – the program will download the first part of the VCP software.
13. Click DWNLD II – the program will download the second part of the VCP software.
14. Click ACTIV NLS – the program will check and update the software key .
15. Close ACTIVATOR.

The VAG CAN PROFFESIONAL SYSTEM is  ready for use.
Now you can plug the interface into your PC and car as well as run the VCP System.


The CAN Interface (label on the interface: VAG CAN PRO) does NOT require manual firmware updates.
The “VCP interface firmware update” option is NOT available. If you try to update this kind of iInterface, the Activator program will display the following message: “Failed to enter update mode”.


Updates are available for the VCP+K Interface.
The program will check firmware updates that are available automatically and inform you about them.

In order to update the VCP+K Interface, follow firmware update instructions.

1. Unplug the interface from your PC.
2. Plug in your USB key and run the ACTIVATOR program.
3. Connect the interface and PC directly (DO NOT use a USB hub).
4. Wait approx. 30 sec. until MS Windows detects the interface. (You can check this in the Device Manager).
5. Click CONNECT and after the connection is established, click INTERFACE UPDATE.

In the case of the “Failed to enter update mode” message, repeat steps 1-5, but before clicking on INTERFACE UPDATE, mark-on “Safe Mode”.

Installation comments

In the case of server connection problems (the program will display NO CONNECTION message), it may be necessary to install Microsoft Visual C libraries on your computer.

Download link:

In the case of the “There was no key” message reported by the Activator program, please reinstall the USB key drivers.

Download link:

In the case of the “interface not found” message reported by the VAG CAN PRO program, please reinstall the interface drivers.

Download link:

For Win 64 bit systems:


Software updates, diagnostic interface firmware upgrades, and Topping USB KEY (dongle) take place on-line using the AKTYWATOR.EXE program.


To update the VCP or VCP-K software:
1. Plug the USB key (dongle) into the USB port.
2. Make sure you are connected to the internet.
3. Run the AKTYWATOR.EXE program.
4. Click CONNECT – the program will establish an encrypted connection with our server.
5. Click Dwnld I – the program will download the first part of the update.
6. Click Dwnld II – the program will download the second part of the update.
7. Click Akt.NLS – the program will check and update the software key.
8. Download progress is displayed in the dialog window.


The USB Key (Dongle) supplied with the system must be recharged every 100 starts of VAG CAN PRO. In order to reacharge the USB Key, use the on-line Activator program and press “Recharge” button. Key status is displayed on the bottom bar of the VCP program and in the Activator window after connecting with the server. Key recharge is and will be free of charge. This solution is related to the security of the system and allows us to locate unauthorized users in case of computer theft. User registration data is assigned to the key and the server update. If you need to change your registration data, please contact the dealer from whom you purchased the system.


The firmware interface update procedure is described in the INSTALLATION section.
We would like to remind you that manual firmware updates are available only for K+CAN interfaces (label on the interface: VCP+K). CAN interfaces (label on the interface: VAG CAN PRO) are not updated using the Activator program.


1. Updates are free for a period of twelve months from the date of the purchase of the system.  However, lack of the latest update will not affect the functioning of the device!

2. SPECIAL UPDATES allow the system user to access unique upgrade offers which extends the functionality of the system software. SPECIAL UPDATES OFFERS supports cars made by companies different from the VW group, such as OPEL, FIAT, and RENAULT. There are also unique functions that are classified beyond the traditional notion of car diagnosis. For example, the validation of the mileage in the VW group cars based on drivers other than the mileage meter and the engine driver. These updates will require an additional fee – in some cases, the special update activation will necessitate the replacement of the USB Key (dongle). The availability of such updates will be announced.