Automatics procedures for car repairs


The VAG CAN PRO System is systematically developed with One-Click-Functions added. The objective is to simplify and automate more complicated service operations. With just a few clicks, and without needing to search information from technical service documentation, users are able to conduct useful procedures easily and quickly.LIST OF PROCEDURES:

Clearing inspection message
Activation of cruise control
Deactivating passenger airbag
Opening,closing electric handbrake
DPF emergency regeneration(1.4,1.9,2.0,2.5 TDI PD)
DPF emergency regeneration (3.0 TDI)
Throttle adaptation – Otto engines with Drive-By-Wire
Injector coding 2.7/3.0 TDI Common Rail
Change units in instrument cluster
Change language in instrument cluster
Bluetooth activation Audi Q7/A6 model 4F
Basic setting of Xenon range controller
Calibration of G85 sensor
Erasing / programming remote controllers
Enable / disable Nordic mode (Low beam as Daylight running lights)
Test FireUp of Webasto (PQ35 – Caddy/Touran/Golf/Tiguan/Passat)
FillingUp Brake system (MK60/70 – Golf V / Passat / Altea / Leon)
Turning on Pre-Fuel pump (eg. for bleeding)
Enable / diable automatic door-lock
Xenon-lights coding (with and w/o shutter)
Enable / disable seatbelts warning light
Recalibrating T3 DPF – sensor
Enable / Disable “SystemTest” for ABS/ESP
Tires pressure sensors coding (Passat B6/ Passat CC/ Jetta)
Battery coding for battery manager
Key coding for IMMO IV (PQ35 / 46)
Unlocking of blocked Webasto
Disable APS-function of Front wisher
Calibration of ESP acceleration sensor G200
Calibration of ESP pressure sensor G201
Change microphone gain in Nokia Handsfree set
Calibration of ESP acceleration sensor G251
Setting brake pad tickness – Audi A8
Activating convenience automatic window opening
Activating automatic side mirror flipping
Activating Coming-Home / Leaving home  functions
DPF Adaptation after replacement 2.0/2.7/3.0 TDi / VW Crafter
DPF Checking 2.0TDi / 2.7-3.0TDi
Activating graphical Park assistant Audi A6/Q7
Injectors checking 3.0/2.7 TDI
Unlocking Eject button in MMI DVD Drive
Coding MMI Device List
Activating/Deactivating tire pressure monitoring Audi A6 model 4F
Pump-jet checking 1.9/2.0 TDI
Recoding ABS/ESP variant (USA/EU)
Adaptation new engine ECU for IMMO3 systems
DPF Emergency regeneration VW Crafter, engines CExx, BJx
ESP sensor calibration G200,G202,G251 in cars newer than 06.2007
Adaptation of turbocharger in 2.7/3.0TDi engines
Setting up service interval display
Acceleration measuring
Recoding of door electronics variant (LHD/RHD)
Adaptation ESP ECU for DSG Gearbox in Audi A3 8P MJ2006
Activation/deactivation MMI hidden service menu
Adaptation of flap motors in 3.0/2.7 TDi engines
Reading milleage from EDC15
Testing Mass air flow meter G70 in TDI engines
DPF emergency regeneration in BLE engines – Touareg 5.0 TDI
Setting up PWM value for front LED daylight running lights – Audi A6 2009
Setting up idle speed in Gasoline/TDI engines
Unlocking TV function in MMI 2G/3G Systems
Upload data from ZDC-Container
Function check of EPB
Activation of service menu in RNS510 Navigation system
Activation of DRL using fog lights in BCM system
Instruments recode for Audi A6/Q7 MY2009 from US-Units to EU-units
Recode of TV -Tuner from US Specs to EU in Audi A8/A6/A4 8K
Chiptuning test

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