What is it, and for what it was made ?
RCD PRO it’s the latest project dedicated for decoding car radios and navigations.
Project consist of standalone tools based on Martech CLIP and additional PC computer application.

Product description
RCD PRO read and/or change original codes in car navigations and radios, based on the latest algorithms. Project consist of standalone tools based on Martech CLIP (RCD PRO) and additional PC computer application (RCD PRO PC). Application works “standalone” – this means you can use it totally without PC computer. Whole unlock modes, read code process, or read / save memory to file is executed on Martech CLIP device and MMC card as data carrier.

Main advantage is AutoSearch mode, which is developed for finding correct code on unsupported models. Application recognizes many new algorithms and then it looks for all possible codes. Automatic updates, easy and user friendly interface to use.

Main functions and most popular supported models:

  • Applications works directly on PC or Clip (depens on tool)
  • Clip works as programmer for: i2c, spi, microwire, st92f, mc9s12, motorola hc05, hc11
  • Deleting LOCK10/13 in Ford units (based on HC05L28, HC11PA8, ST92), we support Mercedes Truck Line CC20, CC40, CC60 also
  • RNS 315 (code reading)
  •  RCD 310 / 510, Skoda Swing / Bolero by Blaupunkt (code reading, code change, counter reset, repairing not turning on units – all within few seconds)
  • RCD 310 / 510, Skoda Swing / Bolero by Delphi (code reading)
  • RCD 210 / RCD 500 by Panasonic (code reading)
  • RNS-E (code reading from MBM29XL12DF flash dump)
  • Kenwood radios (over 50 various models, series: DDX, DPX, KVT, KDC, KRC)
  • Ford: 2006 RDS, 2006R RDS, 2007 RDS, 2007R RDS,  Seat 2007 RDS, VW Sound1 RDS, Sound2 RDS (code reading and deleting “TEN” from TMS370 withing few seconds)
  • Navi Dresden (code reading)
  • Gamma 3 by Philips (code reading)
  • Zenec ZE-MC2000, ZE-NC2010
  • RCD300 Visteon
  • DVD MB8008
  • Ford 6000 AUX CD RDS EON
  • Connect Navi+, Connect+ Navi by Magneti Mareli
  • Beat, Dance, Gamma V, Melody by Technisat
  • Honda BB712PC Navi, BB714PH Navi, BB717PO, BB727AF
  • and many, many others not listed there

Program and device works as programmer for:


  • 24C00, 24C01, 24C02, 24C04, 24C08
  • 24C16, 24C32, 24C64, 24C128, 24C256
  • 24C512, 24C1024


  • 95010, 95020, 95040, 95080
  • 95160, 95320, 95640, 95128
  • 95256, 95512


  • 93c06, 93c46, 93c56
  • 93c66, 93c76, 93c86

Motorola HC05, HC705, HC11, HC711 series:

  • 68HC05B16, 68HC05B32, 68HC05B6, 68HC05B8, 68HC05X16, 68HC05X32
  • 68HC11A8, 68HC11E20, 68HC11E9, 68HC11EA9
  • 68HC11F1, 68HC11K4, 68HC11KA2, 68HC11KA4, 68HC11KS2, 68HC11KW1
  • 68HC11L6, 68HC11P2, 68HC11PA8, 68HC11PH8
  • 68HC705B16, 68HC705B32, 68HC705X32
  • 68HC711E20, 68HC711E9, 68HC711EA9, 68HC711K4, 68HC711KA2, 68HC711KA4
  • 68HC711KS2, 68HC711L6, 68HC711P2, 68HC711PA8, 68HC711PB8, 68HC711PH8

Motorola MC9s12 series:

  • MC9S12A256B, MC9S12A512
  • MC9S12DG128, MC9S12DG256B, MC9S12DG256C
  • MC9S12DJ128, MC9S12DJ256B, MC9S12DJ256C, MC9S12DJ512
  • MC9S12DP512
  • MC9S12DT128, MC9S12DT256B, MC9S12DT256C, MC9S12DT512
  • MC9S12H128, MC9S12H256

ST92 chips:

  • ST92F120JV1, ST92F120JV9
  • ST92F120V1, ST92F120V9
  • ST92F124R9, ST92F124V1
  • ST92F150CR1, ST92F150CR9
  • ST92F150CV1, ST92F150CV9
  • ST92F150JDV1
  • ST92F250CV2


  • Nec D70F33x
  • Flash SPI 25FL128

Run software in demo mode to see supported models and functions.

Working conditions:

You must have Martech Box III or Martech Clip (not all updates might work on Clip due of hardware differences)


We give free updates for all new SW versions and new models until changes in phones / car radios / navigations (firmware, hardware) won’t be too big. But even if new updates will be not free, all our users will get them in very good, very discounted prices.

Some, supported models:

Model Model 2 Memory Part number 1 Part number 2 Manufacturer Car
169 C1V2 MP3 BP6386 95320 7646386316   Blaupunkt Fiat
188 CD VA BP5348 95320 7645348316   Blaupunkt Fiat
188 MP3 BP5349 95320 7645349316   Blaupunkt Fiat
199 CD BP5354 95320 7645354316   Blaupunkt Fiat
199 CD BP6327 95320 7646327316   Blaupunkt Fiat
199 CD BP6328 95320 7646328316   Blaupunkt Fiat
199 CD + MP3 BP5355 95320 7645355316   Blaupunkt Fiat
199 CD + MP3 BP6329 95320 7646329316   Blaupunkt Fiat
199 CD + MP3 BP6330 95320 7646330316   Blaupunkt Fiat
199 EU CD MY08 BP8397 95320 7648397316   Blaupunkt Fiat
199 EU MP3 MY08 BP8398 95320 7648398316   Blaupunkt Fiat
312 Black MP3 SB05 BP7389 95320 7647389316   Blaupunkt Fiat
312 MP3 (Fiat 500) BP6383 95320 7646383316   Blaupunkt Fiat
312 MP3 Japan BP7388 95320 7647388316   Blaupunkt Fiat
6000 AUX CD RDS EON   24c16 7S5T-18C815-CA     Ford
848 CD SB03 BP4383 95320 7644383316   Blaupunkt Lancia
937 CD BP3301 95320 7643301316   Blaupunkt Alfa Romeo
937 CD 147 BP3392 95320 7643392316   Blaupunkt Fiat
937 CD MP3 147 BP4392 95320 7644392316   Blaupunkt Fiat
937 CD MP3 Japan BP3395 95320 7643395316   Blaupunkt Alfa Romeo
937 CD MY Puma BP6697 95320 7646697316   Blaupunkt Fiat
937 CD VA BP5327 95320 7645327316   Blaupunkt Alfa Romeo
937 MP3 Japan MY BP6699 95320 7646699316   Blaupunkt Alfa Romeo
937 MP3 MY Puma BP6698 95320 7646698316   Blaupunkt Alfa Romeo
937 MP3 VA BP5328 95320 7645328316   Blaupunkt Alfa Romeo
939 CD BP5332 95320 7645332316   Blaupunkt Alfa Romeo
939 CD MP3 Japan BP6308 95320 7646308316   Blaupunkt Alfa Romeo
939 CD SB05 BP6302 95320 7646302316   Blaupunkt Alfa Romeo
939 MP3 BP5333 95320 7645333316   Blaupunkt Alfa Romeo
939 MP3 Japan BP5334 95320 7645334316   Blaupunkt Alfa Romeo
BB712PC Navi   24c08 39541-S9A-G021-M1   Alpine Honda
BB714PH Navi   24c08 39541-S9A-G510-M1   Alpine Honda
BB717PO   LH28F128 39541-SWA-E030-M1   Alpine Honda
BB727AF   LH28F128 39541-SNA-A210-M1   Alpine Honda
Beat SKZAZ3 24c16 5J0 035 152   Technisat Skoda
Bolero SKZ4Z3K S29GL128 1Z0 035 156G   Delphi Skoda
C307/C214-MP3/RDS   hc9s12 4M5T-18C815-BH   Sony Ford
C307/C214-MP3/RDS CDX-FS214 hc9s12 4M5T-18C815-BK   Sony Ford
CD132   hc9s12 4M5T-18C815-BJ   Sony Ford
CD132 MP3/CDS CDX-FS132 hc9s12 5S7T-18C815-BG   Sony Ford
CD340-NAV   hc9s12 6M2T-18B988-AC   Sony Ford
Challange CL2200 GHP1000 24c04 24013   Grundig Ford
Connect Navi+ 156068727 TE28F640     Magneti Marelli Alfa Romeo
Connect+ Navi 735365490 TE28F320     Magneti Marelli Alfa Romeo
CQ-VD550W3 DVD   24c01     Matsushita  
CQ-VD6503N DVD   FM25L16-6     Matsushita  
CQ-VD6503U DVD   FM25L16-6     Matsushita  
CQ-VD6503W DVD   FM25L16-6     Matsushita  
CQ-VD7003N DVD   FM25L16-6     Matsushita  
CQ-VX100N   24c01     Matsushita  
Dance SKZAZ4 24c16 5J0 035 161   Technisat Skoda
DPX-MP4110   24c04     Kenwood  
DPX-MP5110U KE1478W 24c04     Kenwood  
DVD MB8008 6M2J-19C043-AA/AB/AC   24c16 VP6BOX-196375-AA   Visteon Ford
FJBH MBYI 8 RDO   24c16 28154431   Delphi Renault
FJXF MBYI 9 RDO Assembly   24c16 28214594   Delphi Volvo
Gamma 3 VWZ6Z3   357 035 186D   Philips VW
Gamma 3 VWZ6Z3   357 035 186G   Philips VW
Gamma V VWZAZ3 24c08 1J0 035 186D   Technisat VW
KDC-5024V KE0953 24c01 Y22-9542-71   Kenwood  
KDC-5024Y KE0952 24c01 Y22-9542-70   Kenwood  
KDC-506   24c01 KE0849   Kenwood  
KDC-BT8041U KE1508W 24c04 Y21-6832-71   Kenwood  
KDC-DDX5022   24c08     Kenwood  
KDC-DDX6027   24c08     Kenwood  
KDC-DDX6039   24c08     Kenwood  
KDC-DDX7025   24c02     Kenwood  
KDC-DDX7029Y   24c08     Kenwood  
KDC-DDX7717   24c08     Kenwood  
KDC-DDX8017   24c08     Kenwood  
KDC-DDX8022BT   24lc08     Kenwood  
KDC-DDX8027   24c08     Kenwood  
KDC-DNX5220BT   24c08     Kenwood  
KDC-DNX5240BT   24c08     Kenwood  
KDC-DNX7200   24c08     Kenwood  
KDC-DNX7220   24c08     Kenwood  
KDC-DNX8220BT   24c08     Kenwood  
KDC-MP5033U   24c04     Kenwood  
KDC-MP8533   24c04     Kenwood  
KDC-W237   24c04     Kenwood  
KDC-W3537GY   24c04     Kenwood  
KDC-W4037Y   24c04     Kenwood  
KDC-W4534 KE1204 24c04 Y21-5852-72   Kenwood  
KDC-W4537U   24c04     Kenwood  
KDC-W4737U   24c04     Kenwood  
KDC-W5041U   24c04     Kenwood  
KDC-W5534UY   24c04     Kenwood  
KDC-W5541U   24c04     Kenwood  
KDC-W6031Y   24c02     Kenwood  
KDC-W6041U   24c04     Kenwood  
KDC-W6531Y   24c02     Kenwood  
KDC-W6534UY   24c02     Kenwood  
KDC-W657   24c02     Kenwood  
KDC-W7031Y   24c02     Kenwood  
KDC-W707Y KE1179U 24c02 Y21-5612-71   Kenwood  
KDC-W7531Y   24c02     Kenwood  
KDC-W7534UY   24c02     Kenwood  
KDC-W7537U   24c04     Kenwood  
KDC-W808   24c02     Kenwood  
KDC-W8531   24c02     Kenwood  
KDC-W8531Y   24c02     Kenwood  
KDC-W8534Y   24c02     Kenwood  
KDC-X689 Excelon CD Player   24c02     Kenwood  
KDC-X7006   24c04     Kenwood  
KMD-6527 Mini Disc Receiver   24c01 Y22-9872-71   Kenwood  
KRC-XXV05V   24c02     Kenwood  
KVT-522DVD   24c08     Kenwood  
KVT-627DVD   24c08     Kenwood  
KVT-627DVDY   24c08     Kenwood  
KVT-719DVD   24c08     Kenwood  
KVT-725DVD   24c02     Kenwood  
KVT-727DVD   24c08     Kenwood  
KVT-729DVD   24c08     Kenwood  
KVT-815DVD   24c02     Kenwood  
KVT-M707   24c08     Kenwood  
Melody SKZAZ2 24c16 1Z0 035 152   Technisat Skoda
NAVI – Dresden 1         Technisat  
P05064191AF BZCY602A 24c256     Alpine Chrysler
Punto 199 CD BP5352 95320 7645352316   Blaupunkt Fiat
Punto 199 CD + MP3 BP5353 95320 7645353316   Blaupunkt Fiat
Punto CD BP2375 95320 7642375316   Blaupunkt Fiat
Punto CD MY03 BP4336 95320 7644336316   Blaupunkt Fiat
RCD 210 CQ-JV1872G   1K0 035 156B VWZ5Z1 Panasonic VW
RCD 210 VWZAZ1 24c16 5M0 035 156   Technisat VW
RCD 210 Caddy VWZAZ1 24c16 1K0 035 156   Technisat VW
RCD 210 MP3 CQ-JV1871G   1K0 035 156B VWZ5Z1 Panasonic VW
RCD 300 VWZ7Z2 hc9s12 1K0 035 186P VP4V1F-18C815-BG Visteon VW
RCD 310   95128 7647202360 5M0 035 186 AA Blaupunkt VW
RCD 310 EU VWZ4Z2 24lc32 1K0 035 186AA   Delphi VW
RCD 500 MP3 CQ-EV1571G   3C0 035 195A VWZ5Z7 Panasonic VW
RCD 500 MP3 CQ-EV1572G   3C0 035 195B VWZ5Z7 Panasonic VW
RCD 500 MP3 CQ-EV1573G   3C0 035 195C VWZ5Z7 Panasonic VW
RCD 510   95128 7648258360 1Z0 035 156 F Blaupunkt Skoda
RCD 510 VWZ4Z3H S29GL128 3C8 035 195   Delphi VW
RCD 510 Prem-8 VWZ4Z7J S29GL64 1K0 035 180 AC 28239379 Delphi VW
RNS 315 EU VWZAZ2   3C0 035 279   Technisat VW
RNS-E 8E0 035 192E MBM29XL12DF     AISIN AW Audi
RNS-E Basic EU 4B0 034 192P MBM29XL12DF     AISIN AW Audi
S4-SS(C) Six Disc BP2257 24c08 7642257520   Blaupunkt Opel
Swing SKZ4Z2 24lc32 5J0 035 161C   Delphi Skoda
Swing MP3 SKZ4Z2 24lc32 1Z0 035 161G 28285729 Delphi Skoda
ULSE CD SEZAZ1 24c16 6J0 035 153   Technisat Seat
Ultra Low SE 250 BP8215 95128 7648215366 6J0 035 153B Blaupunkt Seat
Ultra Low SE 350 BP8216 95128 7648216366   Blaupunkt Seat
Ultra Low SE 359 BVX BP8217 95128 7648217366 5P0 035 153B Blaupunkt Seat
ULVWCD VWZAZ1 24c16 1K0 035 156   Technisat VW
ULVWMP3 VWZAZ1 24c16 5M0 035 156B   Technisat VW
ULVWNFZ20 VWZAZ1 24c16 2K0 035 156   Technisat VW
XNV-L66BT Sony 24lc08     Sony  
ZE-MC2000   Atmega1280     Zenec  
ZE-NC2010   K9F1G08U0B     Zenec VW